10 Reasons Why You Need A JobsYadley Account TODAY

Have You Heard About JobsYadley Before?

Well, to start with, it is the new online platform where all the aviation recruiters and candidates are now hanging out. JobsYadley was created to help solve the problem of high unemployment in the African aviation industry – giving you the opportunity to connect with your most favourite airlines or general aviation companies directly like never before. Whilst it may not boast Facebook or Twitter-like numbers, JobsYadley has fast grown to become Africa`s largest jobs portal since its recent creation in December 2017.

Here are 10 eye-opening reasons why you need to create a polished account on JobsYadley right now!

  1. JobsYadley is filled with invaluable possibilities. JobsYadley helps you expand your aviation success by offering crucial job updates and aviation career guidance. Need to get an aviation job? Need to get expert guidance on your CV creation? Need to know who the latest employers in the aviation industry are? Want to research the historical information of your favourite airline? The options are many, and JobsYadley puts all of these assets at your fingertips.



  1. The membership is mushrooming. With over 212 candidates and employers, JobsYadley is now, without a doubt, Africa`s largest aviation jobs portal. And the membership multiplies daily. Today, it’s assumed that if you are an aviation enthusiast and you do not have a JobsYadley account, you cannot be taken seriously as a career-minded person. Employers are spending most of their time scouting for talent within the JobsYadley membership.


  1. JobsYadley is managed by professionals. There are several job platforms out there and JobsYadley is not the only one. Sadly, most of these job platforms are managed by virtual assistants – people who are in it for just a paycheck at the end of the month. With JobsYadley it`s a different case altogether. The entire JobsYadley team is composed of people who have aviation qualifications and a solid background in the industry. This is a team that is genuinely interested in aviation and is quite knowledgeable about the kind of job you are looking for.


  1. Your name will show up at the top of Google searches. If you have an account on JobsYadley, when an airline employer googles you, your candidate profile will likely show up in the first or second spot – that’s some powerful Google juice! GoogleThis is important because, according to a Gravitate Online study of over 8 million clicks, more than 94% of users clicked on the first page results while fewer than 6% clicked to the second page. The first and second positions get 50% of all clicks.


  1. Your information is very secure on JobsYadley. JobsYadley understands that anything that is posted online can fall into the wrong hands and be used for sinister purposes. We’ve recently seen hackers take over the Twitter accounts of media outlets and large corporations, using them for anything from basic spam to drawing attention to just fixing people for the fun of it. Email HackerYour own account on JobsYadley might seem too small to tempt scammers, but at the same time, it can be a valuable commodity for scammers and spammers. With a JobsYadley account, you can control the amount of information that you want to become visible to the public, making it very easy for you to guard your personal data. Well, no stranger needs to know your email address, phone number, or see your personal pictures, right? .With JobsYadley you can make sure that information like your email address or location can only be visible to recruiters only, and not to every Tom and Harry.


  1. Get alerts straight to your email. JobsYadley has a very popular, FREE service that allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest jobs matching your criteria. Set up keywords (e.g Cabin Crew/Avionics Engineer/Pilot etc) and save your searches to ensure you get the best jobs first, delivered by email or straight to your email.And by the way, there is no limit to how many alerts you can create. You can create as many job alerts as you want in order to receive the jobs you want. Keep an eye on different locations, job titles, and industries so you never miss a job again


7. You don’t know what you’re missing out onWhile you’re reading this, some airline employer is searching JobsYadley to find out if you are a right fit for their company. You need to make sure you’re highly visible to that person.  This means having a complete profile that has a clear profile picture and updated information can make opportunities come easily come to you. Make no mistake about it, airline recruiters are seriously using JobsYadley to find the ideal candidates.


8. You’ll automatically remain connected.In a world where we’re all overwhelmed with more tasks than time, staying on the radar of our ever-growing group of contacts is a challenge. JobsYadley allows you to update your account regularly, instantly letting everyone in your audience know what’s new in your career life and where to find you. You can expand this audience easily by saving your most favourite airline, which gives you added opportunities to post your thoughts and reviews on their profiles.


9. One size fits all.Sending out job application after job application can be a tiresome and time-consuming business. It is quite a laborious process. To reduce the workload, JobsYadley lets job applicants upload their CVs only once and for all – making it unbelievably easy to apply for jobs.Upload CV

There is no need to upload a new CV every time you need to apply for a new job. Once your resume is uploaded on the platform, you will start getting preferential treatment. This means that means your CV will show up at the top of keyword searches used by employers.


  1. It’s the ultimate candidate branding platform. JobsYadley provides one of the best opportunities to increase your visibility and credibility with members of the aviation community. The platform helps you stay connected to a large network of contacts. Did you know that you can also add videos and images to your summary and experience fields, helping you develop a truly three-dimensional view of your candidacy. Using all the features of this powerful online tool will help you paint a compelling picture of who you are in the aviation world.


When it comes down to it, JobsYadley is the most job-seeker friendly place to post your resume online. One member had three job interviews within two weeks after using the service. Do you have an account on JobsYadley? Seriously, if you don`t have one then you must be joking. Click here to register now.


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