Become An Airport Ground  Assistant – Here Is Why

Have you heard about an aviation career option as an Airport Ground Assistant? Well, just think of it as the trending aviation career of 2018. A lot of young people are now running toward this career option because of its training affordability and the exciting opportunities that it gives.

You could join the race towards this career option too


But what is an Airport Ground Assistant exactly?

An Airport Ground Assistant is basically a customer service representative or agent who assists people at an airport. An Airport Ground Assistant can also be called an Airport Information Assistant, Airline Customer Service Agent or Passenger Handling Agents. All these terms mean one and the same thing.


Why work at an airport anyway?


Grow grow grow

Working at an airport will without a doubt give you the room to develop personally and professionally. There are numerous chances for business inside an airport. It’s dependent upon you to keep your ear to the ground and figure out how you can outperform and develop as a worker.

Airport Business Opportunities


Say goodbye to boring!

Imagine working as a Security Guard – spending hours glued to a still CCTV camera screen monitoring safety even through the late hours of the night. How boring it is!

Bored Security Guard

There are several very boring jobs in this world- nanny, garbage handler, sewer pipes serviceman (aaaagh) to name a few. In such jobs, all you can bear to do is count the seconds until the day is over. But this is not so with a job as an Airport Ground Assistant. It presents to you an opportunity to work in a quick-paced environment: You will never be actually bored. Flights are going in and out very quickly. There isn’t much chance to stand around and do nothing.


The work hours are generous

According to International aviation regulations, it would be unfair for airport ground workers in very busy airports to be subjected to an 8 to 5 routine. It`s too much work considering the very high demand in a busy airport work environment. That is why most ground assistants at big airports like Oliver Tambo International and Cairo International Airport work short rotational shifts of 3 to 5 hours only.


A job as an Airport Ground Services Assistant will give you that sort of adaptability: In the event that you are a night individual, you can usually discover a movement that will suit you.

airport busy


The job is not difficult at all

As an Airport Ground Services Assistant, you will serve as a central communications hub, greeting passengers and providing all manner of information, from the trivial to the very important. For example, you will be responsible for directing passengers to airport restrooms, restaurants or gift shops. You might also help wheelchair-bound passengers or help make claims for lost luggage.

wheelchair passengers

You will communicate important announcements related to connecting flights, plane delays, changes in boarding times, and emergency weather information. We would slap you right in the face if you would say it`s a difficult job!


And the pay is handsome too 😆 

So how much will you earn as an Airport Ground Assistant? Probably the most important question of all, right?  The actual salary you will get at the end of the month depends on the size of the airport you are working for and the number of duties that have been entrusted to you. On average, most Ground Assistants in African airports earn around USD$8 to 10 an hour. Working on a 5-hour shift per day, this can translate to around $800 to USD$1 200 per month. Maybe not quite what you might eventually want but not too bad either.

This salary structure is the same as well for Airline Passenger Assistants. As you gain experience in this position, you will be promoted to more senior positions like Airport Terminal Manager (ATM) and even Airport General Manager – positions that have quite a more handsome paygrade.


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