Libyan Wings

Libyan Wings

Libyan Wings Airlines Co JSC (Company Registration # 36559)
  • Hotline: +218 21 351 46 01
  • Address: Tripoli, Lebanon
  • Email:

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Welcome To Libyan Wings!

  • We are a growing airline that is an important contributor to Libya`s air transport industry and related business activities such as airport development, cargo and technical services.
  • We also view ourselves as a key stakeholder in facilitating trade and new investments from regional and international markets.
  • The airline is headquartered at Mitiga International Airport, just 8 kilometres outside Tripoli.
  • In addition to serving as the administrative centre, Triplo Airport also functions as the flight hub providing a choice of convenient flight schedules and connectivity to our select destinations.
  • In basing itself at Mitiga, we also intend to help improve in the future, the airport’s infrastructure and services, with plans to invest in a wide range of upgrades in order to create a better travel experience for its customers.

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Libyan Wings

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