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Welcome to SA Express!

  • We are one of the fastest growing regional airiness in Africa with a route network spanning major local and regional cities.
  • As a domestic and regional passenger and cargo carrier, providing seamless connectivity between small cities and major economic hubs, SA Express plays a significant role in the country’s hospitality, travel and tourism industry and is a vital contributor to the country’s socio-economic development.
  • We pride ourselves on offering incomparable service standards.
  • In addition to building on our motto to express excellence and consistently striving to provide the best service, we know that our passengers are our most important investors and hence the word “you” is the most important word in our company’s language.
  • Our customers can be assured of a stellar customer experience.


This Is Our Promise To Our Clients

  • We never compromise on safety no matter what
  • Our customers are our most important investors
  • We deliver with speed, without compromising on quality
  • We partner with people across all operations
  • We strive for continuous improvement
  • We keep it simple


Our Brand Promise

We fly for you

We are a team. We go further together. YOU, our valued passengers, are people, not merely numbers. Our service is personalised. We are caring in our relationships; we care for our passengers with a personal touch. It is important for us to talk to our passengers and for them to talk to us.


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