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SA Express
We Fly For You!
Accounting, Airport & Ground Staff, Cabin Crew, Flight Operations, Information Technology
For Everyone
Accounting, Administration, Airline Management, Cabin Crew, Pilot Jobs
Nile Air
Egypt’s Leading Private Full Service Carrier
Airport & Ground Staff, Cabin Crew
Air Express
Tailored Air Services Algeria At Your Fingertips
Accounting, Flight Operations, Information Technology
a subsidiary of the BIDVest Group Ltd
Airport & Ground Staff, Cargo
Fly Egypt
The leading network airline in Egypt
Accounting, Administration
Sahara African Aviation
Operating Since 2007
Cabin Crew, Pilot Jobs
Mango Airlines
Fly Mango
Airline Management, Cabin Crew, Internship, Pilot Jobs
Airports Company South Africa
An industry leader and employer of choice
Airport & Ground Staff
Timbis Air Services
Regular Schedule And Charter Services To South Sudan And Rest Of African Countries
Cabin Crew, Cargo, Engineering, Pilot Jobs
A subsidiary of Kenya Airways
Administration, Airline Management, Maintenance
Star Air
Holistic operations solutions and support for airlines
Administration, Cabin Crew, Pilot Jobs
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