As Jobs Yadley, our mission is to connect you with various employment opportunities and giving you the ability to communicate directly with the relevant employers is part of the bigger goal. On each employer listing there is a small contact form that you see on the right. You can ask your question on that small form and the employer will see it.

It is recommended to individually open one job listing at a time, see if it matches your qualifications and interest and then apply. For as long as your candidate profile is fully updated, it may be possible to apply for all the job vacancies of your liking using one click.

It`s important for you to create a Free Job Alert on this platform according to your experience, salary & expertise. Once you do that you will be able to get regular email alerts (and sometimes SMS alerts) on the latest jobs that closely match your requirements.

It is very important for you to verify that you have given us the correct email address or phone number. If you are sure that the details you registered with are correct, then the next step would be to check your spam box. It is common that some email addresses may filter our emails and send them to the spam box. Again, if you are still having a challenge even after verifying all this, get in touch with us and any one of our staff members will manually update your candidate settings.

To increase your chances of your resume getting viewed by many employers, you need to set up a highly competitive profile. Make sure that you have a clear profile picture with a fully informative description.

It`s up to you to select the level of privacy you would like to have on your profile. You can either have your profile visible to registered recruiters on the site or if you choose you can have your personal details invisible. If you choose to have your details invisible, recruiters will have to ask your permission in order for them to view your profile. An email will be sent to you informing you that a recruiter is interested in viewing your profile. This is a good option if you are worried about your company viewing your profile.

To get help, you can email info@jobsyadley.com with your query and a team member will get back to you. If you need urgent assistance, please click on the live chat button located at the corner of your screen. A smiling Jobs Yadley team member will assist you with any technical queries you may have regarding the navigation of the site.