Air Safety Officer

Would You Like To Be An Air Safety Officer For FlySafair?

  • A vacancy exists for the position of Air Safety Officer at Safair Operations.
  • Internal candidates will get first preference.
  • The successful candidate is to commence responsibilities at a mutually agreed date, and will report to the Manager: Aviation Safety.
  • The position is based at our Head office in Bonaero Park.


The ASO is responsible for the operator’s SMS and in particular:


  • The maintenance of the internal reporting system to ensure the timely collection of information related to potential hazards, incidents, and accidents that may adversely affect safety;
  • The identification of latent hazards and carry out risk management analyses of those hazards;
  • The investigation, analysis, and identification of the root cause of all hazards or the contributing factors of incidents and accidents identified under the SMS to ensure the operator has adequate mitigation in place;
  • The maintenance of the internal safety data system, to monitor and analyze trends in hazards, incidents, and accidents;
  • The maintenance of a continuous monitoring system that evaluates the results of corrective actions with respect to hazards, incidents, and accidents;
  • The monitoring of the concerns of the civil aviation industry in respect of safety and their perceived effect on the operator;
  • The coordination of the organization’s aviation safety programme and all related safety matters;
  • Cooperation with the training section with regard to safety training of flight, cabin and ground crews, as applicable;
  • The Supervision of aircraft handling regarding matters related to safety in co-operation with ground support services;
  • The investigation of all incidents and accidents involving the organization’s aircraft, equipment, and property, including fire and emergency procedures, not undertaken in accordance with Part 12;
  • The actioning and distribution of accident, incident, and other occurrence reports;
  • The coordination with security personnel to ensure all aspects of security regarding the organization’s aircraft;
  • The maintenance of our internal mandatory occurrence reporting scheme;
  • The establishment of an emergency plan in the event of an accident, which includes the actions to be followed by relevant personnel;
  • In concert with the person responsible for quality, the maintenance of a quality assurance programme within the organization; and
  • The realization of other duties which include
  • Promulgation of flight safety bulletins to all staff within the organization;
  • Conducting meetings with all relevant personnel regarding safety matters;
  • maintenance of safety equipment;
  • Safety audits;
  • Occupational health and safety


The ASO shall as a minimum have:


  • Broad operational knowledge in the functions of the organization or similar type of organization;
  • Completed an approved safety management system (SMS) course;
  • At least 1 year of experience involved in the management of an aviation safety programme, SMS or quality assurance programme;
  • Broad operational knowledge of the principles of flight.
This job has expired.