B1/B2 Licensed Engineer

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Would You Like To Become An Engineer for Air Peace?

B1 – B2 licensed engineers are aircraft specialist hired to plan, organise and carry out aircraft maintenance checks. These must be in line with an airline’s maintenance schedule, and when problems have been identified.


Main Duties

 Perform line maintenance on customer aircraft
 Ensure compliance with all procedures associated with the line maintenance of the customers aircraft.
 Report any technical issues, aircraft delays, or other issues to the HOM.
 Maintain and manage line maintenance tooling, material and component stores.
 Ensure all maintenance tasks carried out are accurately recorded in both technical log and in company maintenance database
 Accomplish designated maintenance requirements on company aircraft
 Responsible for the quality standards of maintenance tasks
 Accomplish and administer the operational maintenance activities in an efficient & safe manner
 Ensure standards of airworthiness set by the Nig. CAA and other applicable regulatory bodies are met.
 Lead technicians in the accomplishment of routine maintenance and defect rectification tasks.
 Dispatch aircrafts with available resources within the required time frame.
 Ensure all necessary safety precautions are taken before the commencement of any task as per applicable manual.
 Responsible for the safe and efficient aircraft line maintenance, defect diagnosis, modifications, staff supervision; liaison with customer, engineering and logistics.
 Regularly deal with local and outstation AOG that will require unconventional approaches to resolve problems.

Key Performance Indicators

 80% accuracy in document/records processing and retention

 Identify and report hazards to reduce the level of identified risks and errors i.e. zero tolerance of unsafe acts and zero cost on human factor errors
 Identify and report incidents/accidents using appropriate forms immediately when the need arises
 Ensure that aircraft maintenance processes are 100% compliant with regulatory requirements and company approved documents
 Good housekeeping of APL tools and equipment after completion of task daily.
 Effective written and verbal handover process to incoming shift.


Key Competencies

 Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
 Health & Safety Awareness
 Safety management
 Influencing
 Ability to cope with pressure
 Excellent Creativity & Innovative skills
 High level of personal credibility
 Result oriented


Minimum Educational Requirements

 AMEL Holder or its equivalent in airframe & power plants or avionics with Boeing 737 classic type rating
 Minimum of 5 years’ work experience with Boeing 737 classic
 Min 2 years’ experience in exercising the privileges of a Certifier on the B737-300/400/500

This job has expired.