Chief Information Officer (C.I.O)

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Would you like to be a Chief Information Officer for South African Airways?

About This Vacancy

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for setting the overall direction for Information Technology through strategic planning and evaluation.

The purpose of this role is to provide leadership, planning, and management for all areas of information technology strategy, development and implementation. A key focus is to drive the acquisition and development of new systems and business improvement projects which will directly improve the profitability of the Group airline and contribute to the bottom line.

The CIO is expected to act as a strategic partner to the leadership of the business and to support the Board in the various decision making processes. Overall, the role will be expected to engage in the effective management of stakeholder relations through measurable and value-added service delivery. This will entail strong insight into the IT market that is supported by an analysis of the risks posed to the business.

Principal Accountabilities • Identify information technology initiatives in alignment with business requirements and strategic objectives and plan budget accordingly
• Explore new ways to assist customers and the organization profit from how data is used while focusing on managing budgets and processes to eliminate and/or reduce costs
• Represent the organization to stakeholders, associates and partners and maintain professional, effective and amicable relationships to ensure SAA’s interests are upheld
• Secure effective working relationships with the relevant IT service providers that impact SAA’s operations
• Conceptualize, develop, implement and review the IT strategy in support of the overall SAA Strategy
• Ensure efficient management of the IT portfolio to enable achievement of SAA strategic objectives
• Ensure that required systems for support of organisational activities are implemented and aligned
• Participate in the strategic direction of the business as an Executive Team member
Qualifications & Experience • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at NQF level 7
• A relevant Postgraduate qualification will be advantageous
• A minimum of 10-15 years’ experience in the field of IT whereby at least 7 of these years are at a Senior/ Executive level
• Experience within the aviation industry in a Chief Information Officer role/ Management will be preferable
• Experience in running a successful Technology Division
• Budgeting and financial control
• Vendor management
• Experience in implementing information security protocols in a large organization
• Experience in implementing IT Governance Framework in line with King Code
• Disaster Management Experience in a large Commercial Organisation
• Experience in implementing Cyber Security systems
• Experience in running a successful technology organization in a large commercial organization
• Deep understanding and demonstrable experience in delivering commercial products and services from the Information systems perspective
• Demonstrable experience in developing and managing Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operations Support Systems (OSS) in a Commercial Enterprise
• Experience in the digitization of enterprise processes
Knowledge and Skills • Financial management knowledge
• Corporate governance knowledge
• Organizational systems knowledge
• Up to date knowledge regarding new progress that is taking place in IT sector
• Legislation governing IT practices (PFMA, King III, etc.)
• Legislation affecting business practices
• Programme management
• Strategic design
• Shareholder value creation
• Contract management
• People management
• Change management
• Proactive collaboration at Executive and Board level, as well as other stakeholders
• Ability to design and implement value-added, customer-driven IT services & programmes
• Problem-solving skills
• Resource utilization skills
• Information processing skills
• Report writing skills
• Trend analysis skills
• Project management skills
• Strategic planning skills
• Benchmarking skills
• Negotiation skills
• Networking skills
• Presentation skills
Attributes • Think
– Developing and Shaping Strategies
– Generating Ideas
– Providing Insights

• Inspire
– Making Decisions
– Empowering Individuals
– Convincing People

• Adapt
– Thinking Positively
– Embracing Change
– Team working

• Act
– Pursuing Goals
– Upholding Standards
– Seizing Opportunities

This job has expired.