Commercial Pilot

Would You Like To Be A Commercial Pilot For Wilderness Safaris?

  • Wilderness Air is looking for highly motivated, energetic and dedicated individuals with a passion and proven experience in the aviation business field.
  • The applicants will be based in Maun and should be prepared to travel into remote areas from time to time.
  • The role of a commercial pilot is to safely and economically fly guests to the different scheduled destinations.
  • Prior to the flight, the commercial pilot is expected to check flight plans, ensure that the aircraft’s controls are operating efficiently, calculate the required fuel for the flight and take the responsibility of checking the weather conditions.


Key Requirements

•850 hours Experience or more
•C208 Rating or Turbine experience would be an added advantage

Key competencies

•Ability to understand technical information.
•Excellent spatial awareness and coordination.
•Team-working skills.
•The ability to think quickly and make decisions in difficult situations.
•Discipline, self-confidence and commitment.
•Cultural Sensitivity.
•Customer Service Orientation.
•Flexibility and Adaptability- able to work under pressure.
•Integrity and High Ethical Standards
•Professional Image


Key Job Functions

Administration, Analytics, Client Services, Communications, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, Quantity Surveying, Safety & Security

This job has expired.