Contact Center Agent

Kuwait International Airport (KWI), Gazali Expressway, Kuwait
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This job has expired.


Would You Like To Be A Contact Center Agent For Kuwait Airlines?

  • As a Contact Service Agent for Kuwait Airlines, you will be responsible for promoting KAC flights and services, inputs reservation details into the KAC Reservation System (RESKU).
  • You will also be responsible for briefing passengers on various requirements or necessary travel information.

A Contact Center Agent For Kuwait Airlines:

1. Enters assigned personal computer code through the computer set to establish a link with the RESKU system at the start of the shift. Reviews posted daily notices of extra flights or special services to present to prospective passengers and travel agents during shift .  

2.Receives telephone calls from the public and travel agents and utilizes various techniques to promote sales and the Corporation’s image. Includes maintaining an efficient and courteous telephone presence with customers publishing various services, such as routings, classes and connection times, and suggesting alternatives whenever original requests are unavailable. Calls up appropriate flight schedules on RESKU to provide quick and efficient referral and flight routings while discussing with the customer.  

3. Notes requested flights and obtains necessary information to interactively place booking in the RESKU system. Includes inputting passengers’ names, flight dates, numbers, routing, class and particulars from passengers regarding contact telephone numbers and special requests. Reads back information displayed on the visual display unit requests. Reads back information displayed on the visual display unit (VDU) to confirm details, and enters file into the system. Notes assigned passenger name record number (PNR) for passenger reference.  

4. Briefs passengers on procedures for confirming flight, additional services and attendant flight details. Includes locating and requesting other airline flights, hotel and car rental reservations through message system to outstations, advising the passenger of confirmation availability time if necessary, and advising procedures for KAC flight reconfirmation times, wait-list clearance, check-in times, weight allowances and ticket collection and payment requirements .


1. Completion of Secondary (12 years) education.  

2. 2 years’ experience in airline reservations and sales including 1 year formal and on the job training and familiarization.  
3. Good knowledge of English.  
4. Computer and keyboard skills.


  1. Good knowledge of English.
  2. Computer and keyboard skills. 


This job has expired.