Director – Flight Operations

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This job has expired.


Would You Like To Be A Director of Flight Ops?

Purpose of the Job

  • To program executive decisions into departmental goals and ensure that all flight operations are in accordance with the terms, conditions and restrictions of the AOC, and in compliance with applicable regulations and standards.


Education Requirements


  • Degree in Commerce/Business / plus ATPL and an IATA Flight Operations Management course


Minimum Experience Required

  • Experience: A minimum of 10 000 hours.
  • Ten (10) years of professional Airline experience as a pilot in command flying for a commercial transport airline.
  • A large aircraft if AOC holder operates large aircraft or either small or large aircraft if the AOC holder operates only small aircraft.


Key Performance Areas

  • Translates Divisional operational and financial performance measurements for all strategic projects and activities to Departmental level and monitors them to ensure that the Divisional strategic objectives are met
  • Monitors expenditure against budget makes necessary adjustments to achieve set objectives and reports on performance against budget to Chief Operating Officer
  • Enhances customer experience and promotes the reputation of the corporation by ensuring that flight operations meet their performance standards and targets in order to meet the airline’s customers’ expectations
  • Maintains effective working relationships with customers, contractors, suppliers and service providers by ensuring adherence to service level agreements and contractual requirements
  • Oversees and ensures the introduction of cost-effective and efficient systems optimization of Flight Operations processes to enable the Airline to fairly  compete in the changing business environment
  • Keeps abreast with latest developments in flight operations and recommends initiatives that lead to process improvement by applying acquired knowledge, skills and best practice.
  • Leads in the establishment of Flight Operations standards and objectives to ensure set targets are met and that the department adheres to set safety and security standards
  • Ensures that Flight Operations department has the tools and resources that enable them to respond effectively to any operational requirements and disruptions.
  • Approves and recommends resource requirements for the Department to the Chief Operating Officer and deploys allocated resources efficiently, taking into account identified needs and priorities
  • Translates, implements and monitors Quality and Safety Management strategies from divisional to departmental level and approves Quality and Safety policies and procedures specific to the Department
    Directs the compliance to Quality and Safety Management policies and procedures for the Department and causes appropriate remedial action to be taken in case of deviation
  • Ensures that the department complies with all the Botswana and International regulations as stipulated in the CAAB CARS and technical standards as stipulated in CAAB CATS
  • Ensures that the operation of aircraft is in compliance with IOSA requirements
  • Acts as Nominated Post Holder Flight Operations
  • Ensures that all departmental activities provide the air services as stipulated in the Commercial Programme
  • Determines the usability of aerodromes, routes, and areas of operation for Air Botswana
  • Establishes and maintains a feedback system for flight operations and evaluates the results
  • Determines the classification for commanders’ competency
  • Determines staffing and competency requirements for the Department, taking into account organizational needs
  • Develops succession and localization plans for the Department and monitors implementation, making sure that appropriate strategies are in place and that appropriate development is being provided
  • Manages subordinates by setting, monitoring, reviewing performance and taking remedial actions as necessary
This job has expired.