Flight Dispatch Officers

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This job has expired.


Would You Like To Be A Flight Dispatch Officer For Precision Air?


Purpose of The Job

To ensure flight dispatch duties are carried out efficiently in conformity with safety standards of the company.


Key Accountabilities

  • Collect the latest meteorological data from the concerned agencies. Thoroughly analyze the possible effects of the weather on the route to be flown in the light of the reports and its forecasts for the destination and alternate aerodromes; recent weather reports and forecasts for the route and areas adjacent to it; and current weather maps.
  • Collect the latest available data on standard instrument departures, en-route facilities, navigation aids, aerodrome facilities, ATC and communication procedures, NOTAM, AIP, AIC, runway conditions, search and rescue facilities and other information and regulations likely to affect the flight and brief the flight crew as required
  • Prepare an operational flight plan consistent with standard instrument departures, ATC regulations and the regulations of all the States to be overflown for the consideration of the pilot-in-command.
  • In consultation with the Flight Operations Manager initiate to delay or cancel the flight or otherwise decide on a possible route or alternative routes which may be flown safely and in accordance with company procedures and standards, taking into account likely weather conditions at the destination and alternate aerodromes; en-route weather; and the maximum fuel load possible.
  • Provide the meteorological briefing to the flight crew.
  • Brief crew on the route analysis and the Precomputed flight plan bringing to their notice the factors that have influenced the choice of route.
  • Furnish the pilot-in-command with all latest available information on the route to be flown
  • Receive and retain full written details of all the Dangerous Goods to be loaded on the aircraft and their locations if authorized
  • Be aware of the contents of the Dangerous Goods to be carried if authorized
  • Be aware of the action to be taken in the event of emergencies involving dangerous Goods.
  • If an in-flight emergency occurs and the situation permits, information on dangerous good carried is passed to the appropriate Air Traffic Services unit.
  • If there is an aircraft incident or accident, information on dangerous goods carried is passed to the State where the incident or accident occurred.
  • If there is a dangerous goods incident or accident a report is made to the appropriate Authority within 72 hours of incident/ accident or discovery unless exceptional circumstances prevent such reporting within the time stipulated.
  • Have all documents, namely, the flight plan, fuel docket, plus any other related documents, signed by the pilot-in-command as an indication of responsibility for the safety and security of the flight.
  • Prepare and file the ATC flight plan and ensure that changes in ATS flight plan prior to departure are coordinated with the relevant regulatory authority before transmission to the aircraft.
  • Undertake any other functions deemed necessary for the safe operation of the flight. Maintain an updated technical library at the Dispatch office
  • Preparations and dissemination of pre-flight aeronautical information essential for the safety, regularity and efficiency of air navigation
  • Other duties enlisted in the Company’s General Operation Manual


Knowledge, Skills Experience

  • University Graduate in Science or Business field or Diploma in Airline Operations
  • Valid Flight Operation License issued by Authority
  • Must have worked in flight Dispatch/Operations Control for at least 2 years.
  • Ability to respond quickly to changes
  • Computer literate
  • Must be proficient in the English Language
  • Team Player
  • Stress tolerant
  • High level of analytical skills


This job has expired.