Cabin Crew

Doha, Qatar
Doha Doha Doha Doha , Qatar Qatar Qatar Qatar
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Would You Like To Be A Cabin Crew Member For Gulfair?


Main Objectives

The role of an International Flight Attendant is to ensure passenger safety, satisfaction and comfort.

As front-line staff of the company, Flight Attendants are in critical position to project the image and culture of the Airline with the responsibility of winning customer confidence and loyalty.

Main Duties
Exceeding Customer and the Airline’s expectation in service.
Be the ambassadors of the Airline to secure loyalty and repeat business from the travelers.
Meeting all emergency and safety requirements in a professional and considerate manner.
Ensuring he/she is thoroughly conversant with the content of all company cabin crew manuals.
Maintaining grooming standards.
Performing under pressure within tight time frames.
Ensuring the needs of others are met in a professional, enthusiastic and caring manner by being sensitive to special needs, and understanding of other cultures.
Resolving situations in a calm and confident manner.
Demonstrate a readiness to make decisions, to `take the initiative’ and originate action.
Analyze issues, and make rational judgments based on relevant information.
Use clear communication strategies.
Demonstrate and communicate awareness of wider organizational issues.
Maintain effective work behaviors in the face of setbacks.
High awareness of quality and service  standards.


Education & Training


  • Secondary School level.
  • Good English communication skills both spoken and written.




  • Experience in the service industry is an advantage.
  • The jobholder should have pleasant personality and manner and ability to work calmly under pressure.
  • Must be customer service orientated.
  • Ability to deal with multi-cultural organizations and customers.


Candidates Must Have The Following Minimum Criteria


  1. Height: Minimum 156 cm/5’2
  2. Weight must be proportionate to height
  3. Ability to swim minimum of 50 meters unaided
  4. No visible tattoos or scars
  5. Single “No Children”
Doha Doha Doha Doha , Qatar Qatar Qatar Qatar


This job has expired.
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