Specialist Employee Relations

Would You Like To Be A Specialist Employee Relations For SA Express?


About This Job

  • You will be based in Kempton Park.
  • The ER specialist will be responsible for the Development and implementation of the business ER Strategy, policies and procedures.
  • To provide employee relations consultation and advisory services to the business, ensuring that all grievances, disciplinary and other employee relation matters are handled fairly, procedurally and effectively.
  • Ensuring effective external dispute resolution, and ensuring orderly HR policy management.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable Employment Legislations and regulations. Analyse the ER trends


Key Requirements

• Matric / Grade 12 / Equivalent.
• NQF 6 (Labour Relations/Labour Law as major).
• NQF 7 Labour Relations/Labour Law or Postgraduate qualification in Labour Law/Labour Relations would be an added advantage.
• 4 years Employee Relations experience; extensive CCMA exposure; Collective bargaining and Union consultation experience; and Policy review.
• 5 – 7 Years IR/ER experience and extensive CCMA exposure would be an added advantage.
• Aviation related IR/ER experience.
• General experience in HR administration will be an added advantage.
• Ability to be trained in SMS Training.


Duties and Responsibilities

• ER Strategy Development and Implementation
• Disciplinary, Incapacity, Grievance and Dispute Procedures
• Bargaining Process / Union Relations
• HR Policy Management
• SMS Training
ER Strategy Development and Implementation • Develop and implement industrial/employee relations strategies and policies as required in line with the corporate and HR strategies.
• Monitor the external labour relations climate and identify risks and strategies to mitigate risks.
• Monitor the HR Strategy and ensure that Employee Relations goals are met.

Disciplinary, Incapacity, Grievance and Dispute Procedures

• Develop, implement and maintain effective Disciplinary, Incapacity and Grievance procedures.
• Provide advice and assist Line and HCBPs w.r.t. disciplinary, incapacity and grievance procedures.
• Provide guidance to employees regarding grievance & disciplinary procedures.
• Represent SA Express at the CCMA and or Labour Courts proceedings.
• Ensure compliance to all labour relations legislation and processes.
• Train line managers to enable handling of basic labour relations matters namely disciplinary procedures etc.
• Identify pool of Presiding Officers and train them to effectively chair disciplinary and incapacity matters as required.
• Compile and keep all records of cases handled.
• Stay updated with regards to relevant IR/ER developments, through subscription services and membership of Professional Associations.
• Involve and interact with SA Express Attorneys and external appointed Attorneys as required.
• Report weekly on all IR/ER matters dealt with.
Bargaining Process / Union Relations

• Ensure collective bargaining processes.
• Ensure consultation processes in relation to consultative matters.
• Facilitate company and unions relations.
• Handle queries pertaining to Employee relations matters.
• Facilitate preparation for salary negotiations.
• Active participation in Salary negotiations.
• Drafting and roll-out of any collective bargaining agreements.
• Interact with recognized and non-recognized unions as required.
• Monitoring of union numbers and implementing appropriate action as required.
• Report weekly on all union matters dealt with.
• Formulate labour management forums
• Minimise Labour disputes and employee unrest.
• Engage in negotiations with labour
• Managing the relationship between trade unions and management and associated processes including collective bargaining, negotiation and consultation and industrial conflict

HR Policy Management

• Develop and maintain all Human Resources policies and procedures.
• Review and update of Human Resource policies and procedures.
• Distribute and ensure familiarly with all HR policies and procedures.
• Any other reasonable HR assistance / duties that may arise from time to time.
• Assist in keeping company policies in line with labour legislation.
• Provide professional and accurate ER advice to the Company.
• Provide transformation.
• Monitor ER trends in the company

Manage Employee Relations

• Supports management and employees regarding the interpretation of Labour Law Legislation, HR policies and procedures
• Develop and recommend solutions to a variety of employee relations and transformation issues including managing poor performance, managing conflict and assessing risk, employment equity etc.
• Maintain positive employee relations climate
• Ensure compliance with applicable Employment Legislations and regulations.
• Identify, address and deliver targeted training, coaching and/or communications on specific ER and transformation competencies, initiatives, and related activities.
• Analyse the ER trends in the business and put mitigation plans in place
• Ensure all employment relations procedures and administration requirements are accurately and efficiently implemented
• Track and advise on legislative and other changes and ensure that the ER processes are proactively revised to meet the demands of these changes.
• Ensure that information relating to ER is communicated to the business through proper

Manage CCMA and Labour Court proceedings

• Represent the company in the CCMA and labour court proceedings

Resource Management

• Manage Employee Relations budget.
• Ensure cost-effective dispute resolution, internally and externally.

SMS Training

• Be trained in safety and quality management systems and be competent to conduct SMS duties including the submission, analysis and applicable corrective action at all times

This job has expired.