Trainee Flight Operations Inspector

Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa
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The Flight Operations Inspector: Trainee operates under the supervision of a qualified inspector to determine the operational level of safety that the prospective and approval holder is capable of achieving and does in fact achieve in actual operations. Through evaluation (assess), monitor (conduct periodic and unannounced surveillance) of compliance to operations of an aircraft:
a)making recommendations to the inspector regarding the issuance or amendment of the AOC and the associated operations specifications, and the operator’s competence to continue to exercise the privileges of the certificate;
b)making recommendations to the inspector concerning any special conditions that, in light of the investigation, may need to be imposed;
c)making recommendations to the inspector regarding any deficiencies that need rectification of the operator; and
d) making recommendations to the inspector concerning appropriate enforcement action.
Job Functions Compliance & Regulatory Affairs
Industry Aviation
Site and Airline InspectionConduct routine inspections such as the inspection of a station facility, apron, base and carry out oversight or checks considered necessary at prescribed intervals for approval by the inspector;
assess the effectiveness of the operator’s SMS and the level of resources allocated to it;
Conduct such inspections or oversight in accordance with an established work programme and applicable standard procedures and instructions;
Make recommendations to the inspector regarding any deficiencies that need rectification by the operator conduct follow-up on inspection reports to ensure that appropriate action has been taken in a timely manner and escalate non-compliance to the inspector;
Complie inspection or investigation reports as directed by the inspector and completes / processes the applicable inspection forms
Advises the inspector of possible violations of the basic aviation law or related safety operating regulations and rules

Operators Document Evaluation

Review operator’s pertinent documentation (e.g. operations and training), company policies, operating instructions and information to staff and system of amendments to determine whether they are accurate and present to the inspector
Advise operator of required additions and amendments after the inspectors review and recommendations if necessary
Follows up on amendment instructions and confirms compliance

Proposals and Revision of StandardsProactively research and propose the specific standards to be applied in the area of operator operations

Communications and Safety PromotionProject a satisfactory image of the SACAA to all stakeholders.
Provide industry feedback to the Authority.
Promote aviation safety by proposing improvements in operational requirements.

Grade 12 (Matric) & Hold or has held a Commercial Pilot License/ Remote Pilot License / Equivalent
City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, Gauteng, South Africa


This job has expired.